6 Innovative ways to use decorative window film

The benefits of tinting your windows include blocking UV rays and adding privacy. You can also use decorative window film to create a unique look and feel in your building, whether it is your home, business or shop. Here are some of the innovative ways you can use decorative window film.

  1. Retail displays. Add colour to your window display by adding a window film. You can use decorative window film to highlight the new seasonal fashion, or to mark holidays like Christmas and Easter.
  2.  Increased privacy. Adding decorative window film to your windows stops people from being able to see directly through your windows. You can add window film to your street facing windows to increase your privacy.
  3. Added visibility. Sliding glass doors are elegant and they allow you to retain the maximum view of your garden. However, people are also inclined to walk straight into large glass doors and windows. Adding window a small amount of film to these surfaces at eye-level can help avoid these accidents.
  4. Delineating passageways. Decorative window film can be used in your office block to direct people to specific offices. Using window film to display directions is inexpensive and easy to change if people’s offices move.
  5. Customize your space. You can also use window film to add company logos and signage to your office space.
  6. Get a frosted finish. Frosted glass is an expensive way to make your windows look stylish, but you can use decorative window film to achieve the same look. Unlike frosted glass, window film does not require costly installation and maintenance, it is not expensive, and it is easy to clean.

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