6 Innovative ways to use decorative window film

November 7th, 2012Posted by Admin

The benefits of tinting your windows include blocking UV rays and adding privacy. You can also use decorative window film to create a unique look and feel in your building, whether it is your home, business or shop. Here are some of the innovative ways you can use decorative window film. Retail displays. Add colour […]

Protect your interiors with commercial window tinting

October 31st, 2012Posted by Admin

Commercial window tinting is a cost effective way to protect your floor, furniture and office equipment from harmful UV rays. This is because excessive sunlight can age your furniture, causing its colour to fade and by blocking out these rays, you can decrease the harmful effects of sunlight. You might think that tinting your office […]

Decorative Window Film – Save Money. Boost Privacy.

October 17th, 2012Posted by Admin

Capital Window Films have been providing high quality films for homes, offices and commercial establishments in the Greater Toronto Area.   These types of window treatment for your home or office adds value to your windows in many ways. If you need a wide variety of colours, designs and patterns for your particular needs, we can […]

The benefits of commercial window tinting

October 3rd, 2012Posted by Admin

Commercial window tinting is a great way to improve the environment of your office building, increase security, reduce monthly energy costs and ensure the comfort of everyone working in the office. Instead of opting for curtains, blinds or sun shades, consider investing in window film and you won’t have to lose the beautiful view provided […]

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