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You Can Achieve the Look of Frosted Glass Using Frosted Film

Frosted Films and Glass

Frosted glass and etched glass can be very expensive and impractical to use.  However, with our window films you can create the look of frosted and etched glass without the cons. For example, frosted and etched glass are:

  • Difficult to install and maintain
  • Expensive
  • Impossible to alter
  • Difficult to clean

Frosted Window Film is an Affordable Alternative to Frosted Glass

Frosted window film will create the same look as frosted and etched glass without the hassle.  Not only is window film more affordable, it is also:

  • Easy to alter – you can change logos or signage very easily
  • Easy to clean using a regular glass cleaner
  • Cost effective

Fashionable Window Film Decorative Options

When it comes to window film decorative options are endless.  You can add colour and texture to any glass window, door or room divider with decorative window film. In addition, you can:

  • Choose from dozens of patterns and colours to create enriching visuals
  • Overlap multiple patterns to create signature effects
  • Customize your space using corporate logos or signage

Improve the Privacy of Your Home or Business

Whether you have a residential or commercial property you can enjoy the benefits of improved privacy with window films.  Decorative window films are a great alternative to curtains and blinds which will block natural light. With window films you can easily see out but others can’t see in, which means you can have the best of both worlds – privacy and a naturally well lit space. Request a free, no-obligation quote today or contact us for more information to learn about the advantages of using window film instead of frosted glass.

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