Decorative Window Film – Save Money. Boost Privacy.

Capital Window Films have been providing high quality films for homes, offices and commercial establishments in the Greater Toronto Area.

Corporate Logo Designs Using Window Films 

These types of window treatment for your home or office adds value to your windows in many ways.

If you need a wide variety of colours, designs and patterns for your particular needs, we can help you.

We can also create the look of opaque glass, frosted glass or etched glass if you want this type of design.

How can you Benefit from our Window Film?

  • Increased privacy.

    Perfect for bathroom windows, front door windows and other windows you want to secure from passersby, your privacy  remains intact by installing our specialty film.

    This gives you the peace of  mind that comes with knowing that people aren’t able to see directly into  your windows.
  • Improved security.

    There’s no way to completely prevent attempted  break-ins, but our security film is one way to protect your windows from criminals who try to break in. Our security film adds an extra layer of protection to your windows and creates an invisible force field that  catches shards of glass if the window is broken.This is a good investment   for windows that are located on the ground floor of your home as they are  most vulnerable.

  • Enhanced appearance.

    It can be made to look just like etched glass, frosted   glass or opaque glass. It’s much more beneficial to you as a homeowner to  invest in window film rather than to treat the glass with the effect you  want, as altering the glass can be very costly and is difficult to keep  clean.

  • With decorative window films you are able to easily clean and maintain the glass and you can change the design whenever you feel like  something new!

We have a wide variety of selection to choose from. We can also create customized colours for your particular project.

Whether you want privacy, security, creative effects or custom colours, our window film experts can assist you in getting the exact type of window film that you need.

Contact us today and see how we can help you!

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